Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kinesio Tape & The Olympics

It's time again...The Summer Olympics are about to begin! Last time around we saw a fair number of athletes donning Kinesio Tape. Now that Kinesio Tape has become more widely recognized in both the athletic world and the mainstream I'm sure we'll see even more athletes taped up for the 2012 Olympics. Here are a few glimpses from 2008.

US Volleyball - Kerri Walsh

Columbia Track & Field - Paulo Villar

Spain Tennis - Rafael Nadal

Montenegro Water Polo - Nikola Janovic

Whether you are an Olympic athlete or an average Joe gym goer, Kinesio Tape can help with everything from knee injuries to carpal tunnel syndrome. Not sure if Kinesio is right for you? We book free 15 min. consults with or Acupuncturist & resident Kinesio Taper, Lei Ann R. She's here Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays. Call us at 617-924-9495 to book.

For a list of FAQ's see the official Kinesio Tape website here.


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