Thursday, October 25, 2012

Glycolic FAQ's

Q: What is a Glycolic Treatment and how does it work?
A:  It is a highly concentrated exfoliation treatment that accelerates the removal of the dry surface layer of photo-damaged skin. It will help diminish the visible signs of aging as well as firm, tone and re-new the skin.

Q: Is a Glycolic Treatment appropriate for me?
A: Glycolic is great if you are looking for a deeper exfoliation, fading of acne scars, or reduction of sun damage. It is not recommended if you have been on accutane medication in the last year. You should also avoid glycolic peels if you have kidney health issues. If you have any skin health problems, such as open sores or active herpes (cold sore) infection, treatment should be postponed until the skin has healed.

Q: What does the treatment feel like?
A:  After examining and cleansing your skin, your Licensed Esthetician will gently apply the glycolic acid to the face. The acid is left on for a short set period of time. During this stage of the treatment, you may experience some slight discomfort and light burning. It is important to communicate with spa staff if the sensation becomes too much. The glycolic acid is then neutralized with a gel. This will create a cooling/soothing sensation. You will finish the treatment with the application of a nourishing mask and moisturizer.

Q: What are the after effects?
A: Right after your treatment the skin may be red and slightly irritated. The tender skin should be protected with an oil free sunscreen. Oil free makeup can be worn as well. If you do experience redness it should fade in a day or two. Some people experience slight flaking as the dried skin cells shed.

Q: What percentage Glycolic do you use in your treatments?
A: We use either a 20% or 30% professional glycolic acid in our treatments. Your esthitician will examine your skin and discuss which percent would be most appropriate for you. Often people will begin with 20% and work their way up to the 30%.

Q: What are the benefits of a Glycolic Treatment?
A: At the completion of a treatment series, the skin will be firmer, pores will appear smaller, and you will have more evenly colored skin tone.

Q: How often should I have it done?
A: Most estheticians recommend a series of treatments for maximum effect. Since everyone's skin is different it's best to discuss this with your esthetician. Typically Glycolic Treatments are best in series of 3 to 6 sessions ranging from every two weeks to once a month.

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