Monday, April 21, 2014


We constantly hear industry buzz words thrown around but how many people actually fully understand the benefits and or downsides to many of these words? This week we are going to feature a different "it" word each day.  First up....

What Are They:
A type of amino acid, peptides, which are naturally found in the skin, encourage the production of collagen and elastin to maintain healthy skin cells and give a plumper, more elastic look because they can dictate to skin cells how to repair themselves and function properly. Think of peptides as collagen-stimulators and skin problem-solvers without the need for injury or inflammation.

How They Work:
Since the aging process causes a natural decline of peptides in the skin, synthetic versions found in serums and creams help strengthen collagen and elastin levels. The smaller the chain of peptides in a product, the more impact there is on collagen production because collagen is made of proteins that are bonded together with peptides. Using peptides on the skin makes the skin think it is experiencing a breakdown of collagen internally and therefore prompts the body to make more collagen. Peptides also work well with glycerin, which together helps bring moisture to the outer most layer  of skin and lock it in.

Information courtesy of New Beauty.

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