Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Be Well Project STARTING 6/18

Workshop #1:
June 18 @ 6:30pm
What's Your Style:
The art of finding the right fitness and nutrition approaches to match your unique needs
Everybody has their own style, whether it's a clothing style, home decorating style, teaching or learning style. What about a wellness style? Can you have your own fitness style? Your own nutrition style? Yes, you can! Everybody is different, and that means that diets and exercises are not "one size fits all."

Wellness "Style" is unique to each individual. This workshop will help you discover your personal fitness and nutrition style and help you harness your motivation and reach your goals safely, purposefully, and permanently!

Cost: Members $15
Guests welcome at no additional cost.

If you have any questions, please contact Jen Jasmin at:
Email: jjasmin@mountauburnclub.com
Phone: 617-923-2255 X 455

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